Festival News

Band lineup includes:

Hone your slack line and hula skills and don’t miss this amazing all-day FREE event.

Check out these videos from Bluegrass on the Greenbelt 2009.

Save the Date for Bluegrass on the Greenbelt 2010 presented by Breaking Boundaries.

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Keeping Music in the Schools

Keeping Music in the Public School Curriculum: How You Can Help

When school budgets are cut, music is one of the first subjects tossed out the door. It shouldn’t be. Scientific evidence supports the notion that music provides an exceptional number of benefits to students. This includes enhancing their think process and the amount of information they can retain when studying, as  well as helping to improve speech and vocabulary, amongst numerous other benefits.

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Bluegrass Heroes: Bill Monroe

Not too many people are credited with crafting their own musical style, but Bill Monroe is one of those people. He was born on September 13, 1911 and died September 9, 1996 with a musical legacy all his own. Bill Monroe had one of the biggest hands in creating bluegrass music, and is often called The Father of Bluegrass.

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